Dear popular discount Prudence sale

Dear popular discount Prudence sale

Dear popular discount Prudence sale


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As seen on the Hallmark Channel. What happens when a TV advice expert vacationing in Wyoming sets out to solve a murder? Jane Seymour (Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman) stars as Prudence McCoy, a workaholic do-it-yourself expert and TV personality. When the TV studio boss suggests she take a break from her show to go on a much-needed vacation, she travels to a lodge that was once a favorite of her mothers. Soon after she arrives, the lodge owners son is found dead of apparent suicide. Prudence suspects foul play, and with the aid of a scientist who helps on her TV show, she sets out to uncover the truth. Jamey Sheridan (Law and Order: Criminal Intent) costars in this heartwarming whodunit. Dove Family Approved Ages 12 +. Closed Captioned. English subtitles available.

About the Actor

Jane Seymour - Jane was born as Joyce Penelope Wilhelmina Frankenberg in 1951 in Middlesex, England, to a nurse mother and gynecologist/obstetrician father. She is of Dutch (mother) and Polish Jewish (father) descent. She changed her name to Jane Seymour when she entered showbusiness, because it was easier for people to remember, and it was the same name of one of King Henry VIIIs wives. She attracted the attention of the James Bond film producers when they saw her on British television. She was cast as the main Bond girl named Solitaire in Live and Let Die (1973). It immediately gained her international recognition, but she was in danger of losing it all like the previous Bond girls, so she came to America. A casting director advised her to lose her English accent and acquire an American accent to land roles on American television. She did and started getting roles, earning five Emmy nominations, resulting in one win for Onassis: The Richest Man in the World (1988) for playing Maria Callas. She won Golden Globe awards for both East of Eden (1981) and the American television series Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman (1993), where she played the title role for 5 years. She occasionally appeared in feature films, memorably in Somewhere in Time (1980) and in Wedding Crashers (2005). Jamey Sheridan - Virile, fair-haired, set-jawed actor Jamey was born in 1951 and raised in Pasadena, California. He turned to acting after a knee injury ended his pursuit of a dancing career. Beginning professionally on stage in 1978, he gained some momentum into the next decade and eventually reached Broadway where he earned a Tony Award nomination in 1987 for his potent performance in the revival of Arthur Millers "All My Sons." He made his feature-film debut in Jumpin Jack Flash (1986) starring Whoopi Goldberg and started making the TV guest star rounds on such series as "Spenser: For Hire" and "The Equalizer" at around the same time. Sheridan received his first big on-camera break when he was cast in the title role of Shannons Deal (1990) gaining quirky notice for two seasons. as a highly unconventional attorney. From this series he moved to the already established Chicago Hope (1994) set wherein he played a sympathetic role. Into the millennium, his best-known role resides with the series Law & Order: Criminal Intent (2001) in the long-running (five seasons), less showy role of a police captain. Other support roles in the movies include Stanley & Iris (1990) with Jane Fonda, A Stranger Among Us (1992) opposite with Melanie Griffith and The Ice Storm (1997) and Life as a House (2001) both starring Kevin Kline followed, while more recent work includes Nothing But the Truth (2008) with Kate Beckinsale and Matt Dillon, the title role in Handsome Harry (2009) and The East (2013) with Ellen Page. While commanding some attention as a villain in the Stephen King miniseries The Stand (1994), he also turned in an interesting performance as actor/director Ozzie Nelson in the TV movie Ricky Nelson: Original Teen Idol (1999). He has been a steadfast presence these days in such series as Homeland (2011), Arrow (2012) and "Smash" (2013). Ryan Cartwright - Ryan was born on March 14, 1981 in Erdington, Birmingham, England. He is known for his work on Vacation (2015), Alphas (2011), Mad Men (2009) and Bones (2008-2011). After working for many years in England on shows like Hardware (2003-2004), Donovan (2005-2006) and The Grimleys (1999-2001) Ryan moved to Los Angeles to enjoy the sunshine.

About the Director

Paul Schneider - Paul is an American film and television director. Some of his directorial credits include Baywatch, Beverly Hills, 90210, L.A. Law and JAG. He has also directed a number of television films, including You Lucky Dog and Can of Worms for Disney Channel.

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